Sunday, March 18, 2012

Janie Dearest

Left side 6th from top of Quilt
Here's the last triangle on my DJ, that I have finished.  It's a little surprising to me, that when I get so close to the end of a project, especially one as long as this, I seem to fade a bit.  Is it because I'm tired of working on it?  Is it the current block I need to do that makes me say, "not today"?  I often ponder on these things.  I only have eight triangles on the left side, and the four corners to finish my "Janie Dearest", named by a friend of mine, because of all my continuous complaining about doing applique.  It's been a journey, and for many people it goes on and on.  I've only been at it for 26 months!  Now really, that is not so bad!  Oh well, maybe later today :)

Happy Quilting

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  1. Lynn: I received my fat quarter and I love it! Thank you so much.