Saturday, May 26, 2012

Need to Get to Some Serious Quilting

It's hard to believe that a month ago yesterday, my dearest mom passed away.  It has been a very hard month.  I not only lost my mom, but a friend, and a wonderful mentor.  She was an awesome woman!
As she would want me to, I must get on to some serious sewing now.  I think I've mentioned that I only have a three tri's left in my Janie Dearest quilt to do, so what's the hold up? Hmmmm!

I'm currently working on the pictured wedding quilt in this picture.  The young couple has been married for three years this month, so I must finish it in the next week!!  I'm teaching a class in August,  and I need to make my sample very soon.  Always so much to sew, so little time.  I promise to post more soon!

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