Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh my!  I haven't even had time to blog this past week.  You probably think that means that I've been finishing those horrid little red blocks.  Wrong!  I've only finished 35 of them.  Of course, this means I'm not making that goal, I made in my last blog.  Busy time of year seems like a good excuse.  LOL :-)  I'm still hoping to get that quilt done by the end of the year!

Since I don't really have anything new to show you, I'll left you with a couple more Block of The Week blocks for you to gander at!  Happy Holidays to all of you!  May you make new, and wonderful memories with your family, and friends!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere

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  1. Blocks are wonderful, have a wonderful holiday season to you and your family