Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost Done!

Susan's Folly by Susan Claire 2011
This is not a very good picture, but it does let you see where I am on my, Susan's Folly's quilt.  This is the 13 month, BOM that I've showed you blocks of here and there.  Lots and lots of piecing!!  The borders include a continuous four patch all the way around.  That means even more peicing!! Little tiny 4 inch finished squares.  I let you know how that works out for me.  LOL :)

Still working on the purple Log Cabin blocks that I showed you in last post.  For it to work out the way I want it to, I need to make another 12 blocks.  I'm working on that here and there as well.  I have bought several kits in the last couple of months.  I have, therefore, decided to work only on what I have using only the the fabrics I have.  I turn 60 this week, and I thought it would be a good goal for this year.  As I'm sure most of you can relate, I just have too much!!

Time to go do a little sewing. Stay tuned for more updates on my quilting progress.

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting the Mojo Back

Phew!  Quite a hiatus!  I'm finally getting my quilting mojo back.  I'm working on several projects at a time once again.

When I go to sew with others, or can't decide what to work on, I pull out my Jordan Log Cabin Quilt Kits, by Donna Jordan.  They easy to work on while visiting, and all pre-cut!  I recently finished my 60th block and decided to work on putting together a pattern I like.  After playing a little, this is what I've come up with!  I really love the colors, and the way the pattern goes together.  Now I need to decide how big, and what I want to do for borders.  I have more of these blocks I can make.  I'm sort of thinking about taking those and making a border out them.  Depends on how the pattern will work, and look after I lay them out.  We'll see! LOL -)

Of course I still have lots to do to get ready for my favorite holiday with my family!  Sew... need to get on it!  I'm wishing all of  you a wonderful and yummy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Time

Sew.... I've been making some time to sew, but not a whole lot.  I'm re-doing a couple of my bedrooms.  Painting, changing furniture, and doing the big clean out.  NO, no!  not my sewing room!  I'm not there yet, though my sewing room is being used at the moment as a storage room.  Have to have somewhere to put all those items we need out of the way to paint.  Don't you worry, I have left myself room to work on a couple of projects.

The picture I'm showing you here is the first five blocks of my, "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I decided to not go with my William Morris collection of years ago, but to use batiks.  Most of my quilts are made with fabrics that have a definite contrast to them.  In this one, I'm going to try to use a bit more blending in my block construction.  We'll see that how works for me! LOL :-)  Ok, so I'm stretching a little.  It's good for us, right?

I've also added another one of those barns with a quilt block on the side.  I just think they are so much fun.  If I didn't live in a city type neighborhood, I paint a quilt block on my garage door!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time to Stay Home

Seriously, it really is time to stay home and get to some serious quilting!  LOL :-)  Where have you heard this before?  I've just returned from upstate New York, visiting my closest friend in all the world!  We've known each other so long, we really consider ourselves sisters.  We enjoyed taking some long drives into the country side, and low and behold look what I found!!  People in this community bought these quilt blocks to place on the barns as a fundraiser for the town.  Every one we drove by was better than the one before it!  This is a pic of my favorite.

This other pic is of my "Shifting Directions" quilt that I finished just before I left for my trip. Sorry about the roof reflection at the bottom, but I think you can see what I've done. The pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting, August 2013.  It's fun one to make!

Off to do some cutting on one of my BOM's that is calling to me before the next one comes in the mail!

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Home at Last!

I often wonder what time zone I'm in.  We are home from our wonderful trip to the Loire Valley in France, and our trip to Hawaii to inter Paul's mom's ashes at Punchbowl.  My mind is still sorting all the the places I went and the things we saw.  I've posted a picture here of a very old stove in the Chambord Chateau.  I just loved the individual tiles that look like patches of red work. Thought you might enjoy seeing this :-)

Now time to get back to some quilting!!  I, of course, had to start a new quilt this week.  This batik quilt is from American Patchwork and Quilting, August 2013, "Shifting Directions" by Darlene Zimmerman and Rachel Shelburne.  It's feeling like Fall here, and I have several bindings to do.  The evenings are cool enough to sit with a quilt on my lap and bind.  More to come soon!
 Enjoy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Quilted and Handed Over

I know I showed you a picture of this quilt last week, but I wanted you to see it quilted.  Sue Baddley, of Summit Creek Quilts, quilted this piece, and turned it around in a day!   Jen and Jeff have received it and think it's gorgeous!  I love the Lace pattern quilting.  Thanks Sue!!

I have also finished the star quilt, and sent it out today for quilting.  I will show you the finished project when I get it back.  I'm done with those current UFO's, I've been talking about for more than a month, and ready to move on to other projects.  Of course, those other projects have been waiting their turn in the que for awhile too!!  LOL :-)  You quilters know what I'm talking about!!

It's time for vacation, so I'll check in with you
all soon!

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Here!!

Jen Bulik and Jeff Lang July 27, 2013
It's been over a month since I last posted.  I have two excellent reasons.  One, I didn't want to post until I had something to show you, and two, I was away on a retreat with my sister and sister in-laws for an awesome week!  We sure had a lot of fun.  Hoping this is the first annual, and that we continue do this often!!

As for quilty news.  I've finally finished the "Charm Square" quilt with all of those silly 2-1/2" squares.  It's at the quilter's as I write this.  I've also finished THE WEDDING quilt!  I think Jen and Jeff are going to really love it, and enjoy reading the sentiments for whatever time Jen has left.  I've posted the picture here. It's a little dark, but I think you can see the gist of it!  Still needs quilting, but that will be done this week.

I've also finished the star quilt. The one I've been showing you my stacks of stars in past posts.  I will post that one in the another posting.  It needs quilting, and is too big for me to get a good picture of.  Got to wait for family to be home, to hold it up!  Stay tuned, coming soon!

I must say, I'm really feeling good about finishing up these projects!  I will be in and out of town for the next couple of months, but I will try to post enough to keep you interested! :-)

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Oh boy!  I'm just amazing myself.  I told you in my last blog, ok so maybe a few more past blogs,
that I was going to get those UFO's done before anything new.  Best laid plans! LOL :-)  I need to keep practicing that "NO" word.  You all know the one, "No, I can't possible do that this time, or at this time, or ever, if you're really a sane person!  Apparently, I'm not. 

Not only have I purchased another project to do with my friend, Sue, but I've also taking a wedding quest book quilt on!  That last one needs to be ready in less than two weeks.  It's  a simple 5" block quilt, where the guests sign the blocks instead of a guest book, and then I put all of the blocks together into a quilt.  I'm thinking wedding picture of them in the middle as well.   Gone through a couple palettes because I'm letting this very special young woman pick her own.  OK, sort of letting her.   I admit, I'm insane!!

Here's a pic of the colors we are using.  I have a couple more grays to add that should arrive in the mail today.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


117 6" Star Blocks!
Wooo-hooo!! I've finished all 117 star blocks for "A Quilt for Alice", by Bonnie Blue Quilts, 2010!  This is the quilt that my friend Pam and I have been working on.  We enlarged the blocks, and added blocks, to make it a king size quilt!  I'm always wanting to make my quilts bigger, or change something in the patterns. I feel like I've been making blocks forever! CRAZY!!  NEVER AGAIN!!  I'm ready to cut the sashing and put the thing together!

Now it's time to move on to one of these other UFO's I've been working on.  I decided I'm really not going to start a new project until the current projects are done!  Quilting should be fun not stressful!  When I have too many projects going, I'm seen to get stressed and not enjoy the process.

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Back!

Leatha's Quilt, Elmira, New York
What a great time I had visiting my dear, dear, friend in Owego, New York!  We laughed till we cried, and we cried till we laughed!  We really enjoyed ourselves at the Owego Strawberry Festival.  The strawberries were everywhere and we just drank them up!  LOL:-)

While visiting one of my friend's cousins, we looked over the family quilts that had been left to her.  The one pictured here is a true 1930's, as you can see.  It was so fun, to look at this and several others.  They knew who made them and when she lived. This certainly added to their value in every way!

Now that I'm home, I'm hoping I can find some time to get to all these quilt projects, I have waiting for me.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, June 3, 2013

a Great Class!

This past Saturday we finished the Jelly Roll Diamond Quilt class here at my place.  We all had a blast!  This quilt is just gorgeous, and was finished by Donna!  Hard to believe, but a quilt completed before the end of the day!  It was a two day class separated by a month, but gee wiz!!  I think it was still an awesome achievement!  The biggest difficulty that I could see with this project, was that the written directions were incomplete, and awful at best.  That's why it's good to take it as a class and we all thank Sue for teaching it!!  Good directions are must for writing patterns!

I'm also showing you a finished quilt from our quilt camp this past Spring.  I love this quilt and the colors are great!  This one was done by my friend Paula!  Yeah Paula!  You have seen the one I've been working on, here on my blog, several times.   Not finished yet, of course.  That seems to be my MO these days!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and enjoyed time with friends and family! We here in crazy California, where we had wind, rain, and cold, weather all weekend.  UGH!!  Bring on my summer weather!!

I'm one of those silly people who seems to need order around her.  House and belongings organized, and neat as a pin.  Now, if you look at this picture, you would ask yourself, huh?  "What's she talking about?''  I went a little crazy today trying to decide what to work on, and meanwhile worked on one more of my Grandmother's Choice blocks.  Seriously, all this for one block?!  How many projects do you see amongst that mess?  Oh my, I really need to get to some serious sewing!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sorry It's Been So Long

I apologize for not blogging the past couple of weeks.  I just wasn't as healed as I hoped since my last post.  I'm doing great these days, and anxious to catch up on some of those blocks still waiting for me.  Boy I'm really behind now!!  I want to start something new, but I just have so many UFO's at this point.  You all know what I'm talking about.  Therefore you also know that means I'll probably start something new soon!!  LOL  :-)

I decided to work on a couple more of those BOW from "Grandmother's Choice" today.  You know the one.  The online program Barbara Brackman has going.  I better get caught up soon. There is only about 10 weeks left.  Here's a pick of the two I just finished.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend!  I did!  Enjoyed having my family here, and my daughter's boyfriend as well!  Hmmm, I think I like him.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Back!

Phew!  Glad that week is over!  It is very difficult to go a whole week without doing my favorite things!  You know what I'm talking about.  Sewing, reading, gardening, and basic living!  Surgery went well, and vision is going to be back to normal soon!  Can't wait for that!!

Today was my first day to sew, so.....I finished the rest of the these blocks for my "Susan's Folly" quilt for this month.  I know you have probably seen enough of these, but I really do have to catch up on some sewing before I can show you anything really knew.

Stay tuned!  Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

I thought I share my "Joey" roses, that are blooming like crazy in my yard!  This seems to be a very popular color this season.  Can't you imagine a quilt of these colors?

I'm off to have surgery on my eye this morning.  I won't be able to sew, read, or use my computer for the next week,'s a couple of my Susan's Folly blocks I got in the mail this week.  I just had to finish them before today.

Stay tuned!  I'll see you here in a week!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Barbara Brackman's Block of the Week Grandmother's Choice
I'm so behind on so many of my projects!  I decided I needed to buck up!  Get on with it the best I can!  I finished three of my "Grandmother's Choice" BOW this weekend, and I have a couple more to do to catch up.  This is not a great picture, but here they are for you to see.  I bought that cute little purple fabric a week ago.  A wonderful friend picked me up, and drove me to a couple of local quilt shops.  Great medicine!  I liked it so much that you can see I used in two of the blocks!

If you want to see some wonderful quilts, and get great inspiration, take a peek at Rosemary Young's blog.  She has a smile box from the Dear Jane retreat last week on her site.  No, they are not all DJ's, but there are some awesome quilts to see!   Just click on the link for her blog under Blogs I Follow here to the right. It will take you there.  Enjoy!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere :-)

Monday, April 8, 2013

One Eyed Quilting

Look at these cute little blocks!  This is month five of "Susan's Folly's" BOM.  I've showed you several other completed months in the past.   I'm still healing, but I just had to try some sewing, or go completely crazy!  I don't think these are too bad for a one-eyed job. 

Sure have a lot of catching up to do on my "Grandmother's Choice" blocks.  I've got at least four weeks waiting to be done, along with lots of other projects! Stars, little 2-1/2" squares for that plus sign quilt, and on, and on!!  Oh well, someday it will all get done!  Stay tuned to find out what I might work on next.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oopsie Daisy!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit harrowing for me.  Fell down the lower portion of my stairs, broke my left leg, sprained my right wrist, and have had a couple retinal bleed issues!  My goodness enough already!  Sew... my sewing time has been a bit limited, but I just had to share with you my close to done "Birdsye" quilt!!  This is a rather dark one for me, but I like it.  It may take a bit to sew all those rows together, but it will be complete soon!

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you all have had, or having a wonderful time with family and friends!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phew!  Quilt camp has come and gone.  What a great time we all had!  Lot's of sewing, laughing, and great food!  One of our campers finished one of the projects!  Here's Patty's version of the plus sign quilt, I've been teasing you all with this past month.  I like the larger 3-1/2" squares, and the use of the batik scraps she used for this quilt.

Some of us worked on past quilt camp, quilts.  We did this quilt a year or so before.  It's from the Nickel Quilts and Borders book, by Pat Speth titled "Steamboat Springs".  The one pictured here is Mary's version, made from African prints.  Awesome looking! I need to move along on my own projects.  All those stars, my Birdseye quilt, and of course finish my plus sign quilt!!  I've also taken on a couple more projects, as we all do when we get together with fellow quilters!  More on this later.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not Much New Here

I really don't have much quilty news for you today.  I've been busy getting things together for Quilt Camp that begins this Thursday.  After that I should have some wonderful news and pictures for you!  I've been working a little here and there on the same projects, I've shown here in the last couple of months.  Hopefully one of those may be finished soon?  Stay tuned, we'll see.

It's beginning to feel a lot like early Spring here in the Silicon Valley area of California!  Not warm enough for me or my Hydrangea and Hibiscus plants yet, but it's giving me hope!  This is a picture I took while in Hawaii last month.  What great color!  Could there be a quilt brewing in these colors?

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sonic Pop Done

With camp only one week away, I'm finished with samples and ready for the fun!  I've posted a picture of the Sonic Pop, although the borders are a little lighter than the picture shows.  I think it came out pretty well, considering all those little "issues". LOL :-)  Do you notice that I changed the sashing color?  The darker one looked too much like the blocks were in jail!  I was at a quilty event yesterday, and one of the woman thought this quilt needed a more descriptive name.  She has named it "Ebb and Flow"!  I like that!  Thanks Trish!

I also want to take a minute and thank everyone for their generous support, and warm responses regarding the completion of my DJ quilt!  I was so excited to see my followers grow a bit, and to receive so many wonderful emails.  Again a very warm thank you to all!

Time to get back to some of those other projects.  Stay tuned and I'll be showing more progress soon.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Officially a DJ Goddess

Completed Dear Jane Quilt
Wow!  Did I really make this quilt?  You bet I did!  The last time I posted this quilt and referred to myself as a DJ Goddess, I was contacted by the quilt police!  Yes they really exist!  LOL :-)  A fellow janiac sent me a private email to let me know that I hadn't reached "Goddess" status, because it was not yet quilted and bound.

As you can see it is quilted and bound!  I'm so happy with the quilting that Sue Baddley, from Summit Creek Quilts did on this quilt!  She is awesome and very fun to work with!!

Awesome Quilting by Sue Baddley
On other news, I'm still working on the quilts for camp, and about to finish up the "Sonic Pop".  You'll be surprised at the sashing color.  I did change it.  Stay tuned to see what I chose!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh Where Have I Been?

Not on vacation that is for sure!  With just two weeks until Quilt Camp, I've been a busy little quilter!  Here is the beginning of putting the "Sonic Pop", by Brenda Henning, from her book, Strip Therapy 10, together.  It's been quite a journey.  This is a fairly easy quilt, but you do have to pay attention to the directions carefully, especially cutting instructions!  My geometry skills, of which I have none, were really put to the test.  Two Bali Pops later, the pattern calls for one, I'm finally ready to finish the dang thing.  Oh stop laughing!  We all do a few crazy things now and then!  Still not sure about the dark sashing though?

Made a little time to work on those lovely little stars with my friend Pam.  What were we thinking?  We adjusted the pattern and block size to fit the size quilt we wanted to make.  Now we have to make 128 stars!  No worries, you know how I love stars!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Squares Becoming a Quilt

My version of Charming Additions
I'm still cutting those little 2-1/2" squares, but here's a peek at what they are becoming.  This is one of those quilts I love to do!  Just playing with color, arranging and rearranging.  As I'm working with my 1800 reproduction prints, I'm listening to a great book.  The book is The House Girl, by Tara Conklin.  It's a historical novel, taking place in both, the 1800's in the South, and currently in New York.  This all makes for a fun and productive Monday that is ugly, and cold outside!

Stay Tuned!
Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Squares Everywhere

I thought I would give you an update on my  progress as I prepare for Quilt Camp.  One of the quilts we will be making is this quilt, on the cover of the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, December 2012.  I'm cutting, cutting, cutting, and cutting  more of these 2-1/2" squares.  I've taken out my scrap box, and used lots of scraps to cut these sweet little squares.  I can't wait to start to putting it together! Of course, I want to make it a king size, sew.......cutting, cutting, cutting!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Stars!!

I've decided to go ahead and make this sweet star quilt, with my friend Pam.  The quilt pattern is "A Quilt for Alice", by Paula Barnes from Bonnie Blue Quilts.  I just love stars, and can never turn down making a quilt together with a friend! We decided to make this quilt larger than the pattern so we are making 6" blocks, instead of 4" blocks. It's scrappy with one background, and I love making these!  I suppose you may have noticed how I'm making all those star points, also know as Flying Geese?  Yes, we're using the "Flying Geese Ruler", from Eleanor Burns.  Accurate and a bit quicker for me.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Quilt Camp is upon me and I really need to get those samples together this week!  I've been sewing strips for one, and cutting 2-1/2" squares for the other.  More on those soon!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hawaiian Quilts

Painting of a Hawaiian Pineapple Quilt.  Painter unknown
If you didn't know, you may have guessed, that I've been gone for a week or so.  I've been in Hawaii!  Enjoying the sun, more sun, and the warmth of that sun, with my grown children and my husband.  Good family time!

I've posted a beautiful pic here of a Hawaiian quilt.  It is not an actual quilt, but a painting done on a wall at the Four Season's Resort on Maui!  Pretty cool, huh!?  I bought a few goodies at the local quilt store, but I can't show them now, because they are gifts for the ladies attending my quilt camp in March.  You'll have to wait to see those. 

Now I really do have a surprise for all of you!  My Janie Dearest is quilted!!!  Sue Baddley, from Summit Creek Quilts, did an absolutely awesome job!!  I opened the box today and began to cry.  It's so hard to believe that I made that quilt!! I'm going to work on the binding and take a final pic for all of you soon!  Stay tuned!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Quilt Project Overload

Oh my, do I need to slow it down?!  Here it is January 21, and I have started more projects since early December, than I can probably do in a year!!  This picture gives you a peek at just a couple. 
Just a few of my current projects!

The basket is full of the nine patches I need for the Bird's Eye quilt, as are the stacks at my machine ready to sew.  The sewn blocks are this month's BOM from Common Threads, called Susan's Folly.  In an earlier post I showed you the first month's blocks.  I'm also now caught up on BOW for my Grandmother's Choice quilt, but I've started another BOM with a friend, from Barbara Brackman's, Civil War blog.  Quilt camp is in March and I have two quilt samples to make for the projects I will be teaching.  One of those projects will use the Bali Pop in the picture. And... and....and...!!!

One thing I can say for us quilter's, we are a very productive group of people, and always taking on way too much!!  Save me!  I'm sinking!!!  LOL :-)

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Happy Dance is Happening!!!!

Civil War Chronicles Completed!!
Wooohooooo!! Yes, it is really happening!!  The Happy Dance that is!  The big quilt is done! The 68 little 6" blocks are put together into borders, and on the quilt!  I don't think I'll even have it quilted for some time.  By the time I get to the end of a quilt like this, I'm usually pretty sick of it.  I'm really sick of seeing this quilt on my work table!  I'm going to confess that I had to do some real creative work to make it all fit right.  I just don't like that border!!  Enjoy the picture even if it's a little crooked.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Win a Free FQ!

Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week # 17
Have you been waiting for me to post that silly block, I told you about in my last blog?  Here it is!  Not the best block I've made, but done!  If you know what I kept doing wrong, be one of the first to send a comment and win a free FQ!  While in San Diego this weekend, I re-cut the last of the Grandmother's Choice blocks that I wanted to re-do with the new background.  All I need to do now is stay on track and finish each block weekly.  Hmmmm?!

Big news flash!  I'm almost done making those 68 border blocks for my Civil War Chronicles quilt.  I've attached two of the borders, and hope to add the other two by the end of the day tomorrow.  Watch and listen for that happy dance!!  It will be loud!!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Great Gifts

I'm so cold!  I went for my walk yesterday morning when it was 34 degrees out.  Now I know that is not cold to some of you, but I'm just not a winter person!!  Hunkered down and working on a few quilty projects.  On one of my Grandmother's Choice blocks, I've cut the same pieces wrong four times today!!  You heard me right, four times!!  I've decided to take a break from that one block, and work on something else for awhile.  When it's finished, I'll post a picture.  You'll know what I've been doing, wrong and will have a good laugh!!

I'm posting a picture today of a couple quilt type gifts I got for myself this holiday season.  These books are by Rosemary Youngs, who I've met on line through my Dear Jane site and following each others blogs.  We occasionally email each other as well.  I look forward to meeting her in person one of these days!  Each of the books has letters from people either from World War II, or in the case of the Amish one, from Amish women.  Not only are the quilts great fun to make, but it's just fun to read the letters.  Check these books out on her blog.  Follow the link from my list on this page.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year to all!  Wishing you everything wonderful this year! May it be one of your best! 

I started my New Year off by doing a little sewing here and there.  I've posted this pic here for you of the "Bird's Eye" quilt.   I showed the first one several postings earlier.  I'm working on the 18th block today.  As you can see, I'm trying to stay with my original plan of using darker fall colors, and making the reverse of each one.  I like working on this one so much that I'm going to add blocks, to make it a king size bed quilt.  I haven't started on the double nine patch, secondary blocks yet, but I will soon.

I'm also posting a pic of a little gift I got myself.  It's my new cell phone cover.  I purchased it on line at Zazzle'  I got the site name on the Dear Jane list.  How fun is this?!

Happy Quilting to Everyone Everywhere!