Monday, January 21, 2013

Quilt Project Overload

Oh my, do I need to slow it down?!  Here it is January 21, and I have started more projects since early December, than I can probably do in a year!!  This picture gives you a peek at just a couple. 
Just a few of my current projects!

The basket is full of the nine patches I need for the Bird's Eye quilt, as are the stacks at my machine ready to sew.  The sewn blocks are this month's BOM from Common Threads, called Susan's Folly.  In an earlier post I showed you the first month's blocks.  I'm also now caught up on BOW for my Grandmother's Choice quilt, but I've started another BOM with a friend, from Barbara Brackman's, Civil War blog.  Quilt camp is in March and I have two quilt samples to make for the projects I will be teaching.  One of those projects will use the Bali Pop in the picture. And... and....and...!!!

One thing I can say for us quilter's, we are a very productive group of people, and always taking on way too much!!  Save me!  I'm sinking!!!  LOL :-)

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Happy Dance is Happening!!!!

Civil War Chronicles Completed!!
Wooohooooo!! Yes, it is really happening!!  The Happy Dance that is!  The big quilt is done! The 68 little 6" blocks are put together into borders, and on the quilt!  I don't think I'll even have it quilted for some time.  By the time I get to the end of a quilt like this, I'm usually pretty sick of it.  I'm really sick of seeing this quilt on my work table!  I'm going to confess that I had to do some real creative work to make it all fit right.  I just don't like that border!!  Enjoy the picture even if it's a little crooked.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Win a Free FQ!

Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week # 17
Have you been waiting for me to post that silly block, I told you about in my last blog?  Here it is!  Not the best block I've made, but done!  If you know what I kept doing wrong, be one of the first to send a comment and win a free FQ!  While in San Diego this weekend, I re-cut the last of the Grandmother's Choice blocks that I wanted to re-do with the new background.  All I need to do now is stay on track and finish each block weekly.  Hmmmm?!

Big news flash!  I'm almost done making those 68 border blocks for my Civil War Chronicles quilt.  I've attached two of the borders, and hope to add the other two by the end of the day tomorrow.  Watch and listen for that happy dance!!  It will be loud!!!

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Great Gifts

I'm so cold!  I went for my walk yesterday morning when it was 34 degrees out.  Now I know that is not cold to some of you, but I'm just not a winter person!!  Hunkered down and working on a few quilty projects.  On one of my Grandmother's Choice blocks, I've cut the same pieces wrong four times today!!  You heard me right, four times!!  I've decided to take a break from that one block, and work on something else for awhile.  When it's finished, I'll post a picture.  You'll know what I've been doing, wrong and will have a good laugh!!

I'm posting a picture today of a couple quilt type gifts I got for myself this holiday season.  These books are by Rosemary Youngs, who I've met on line through my Dear Jane site and following each others blogs.  We occasionally email each other as well.  I look forward to meeting her in person one of these days!  Each of the books has letters from people either from World War II, or in the case of the Amish one, from Amish women.  Not only are the quilts great fun to make, but it's just fun to read the letters.  Check these books out on her blog.  Follow the link from my list on this page.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year to all!  Wishing you everything wonderful this year! May it be one of your best! 

I started my New Year off by doing a little sewing here and there.  I've posted this pic here for you of the "Bird's Eye" quilt.   I showed the first one several postings earlier.  I'm working on the 18th block today.  As you can see, I'm trying to stay with my original plan of using darker fall colors, and making the reverse of each one.  I like working on this one so much that I'm going to add blocks, to make it a king size bed quilt.  I haven't started on the double nine patch, secondary blocks yet, but I will soon.

I'm also posting a pic of a little gift I got myself.  It's my new cell phone cover.  I purchased it on line at Zazzle'  I got the site name on the Dear Jane list.  How fun is this?!

Happy Quilting to Everyone Everywhere!