Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Oh boy!  I'm just amazing myself.  I told you in my last blog, ok so maybe a few more past blogs,
that I was going to get those UFO's done before anything new.  Best laid plans! LOL :-)  I need to keep practicing that "NO" word.  You all know the one, "No, I can't possible do that this time, or at this time, or ever, if you're really a sane person!  Apparently, I'm not. 

Not only have I purchased another project to do with my friend, Sue, but I've also taking a wedding quest book quilt on!  That last one needs to be ready in less than two weeks.  It's  a simple 5" block quilt, where the guests sign the blocks instead of a guest book, and then I put all of the blocks together into a quilt.  I'm thinking wedding picture of them in the middle as well.   Gone through a couple palettes because I'm letting this very special young woman pick her own.  OK, sort of letting her.   I admit, I'm insane!!

Here's a pic of the colors we are using.  I have a couple more grays to add that should arrive in the mail today.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!