Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting the Mojo Back

Phew!  Quite a hiatus!  I'm finally getting my quilting mojo back.  I'm working on several projects at a time once again.

When I go to sew with others, or can't decide what to work on, I pull out my Jordan Log Cabin Quilt Kits, by Donna Jordan.  They easy to work on while visiting, and all pre-cut!  I recently finished my 60th block and decided to work on putting together a pattern I like.  After playing a little, this is what I've come up with!  I really love the colors, and the way the pattern goes together.  Now I need to decide how big, and what I want to do for borders.  I have more of these blocks I can make.  I'm sort of thinking about taking those and making a border out them.  Depends on how the pattern will work, and look after I lay them out.  We'll see! LOL -)

Of course I still have lots to do to get ready for my favorite holiday with my family!  Sew... need to get on it!  I'm wishing all of  you a wonderful and yummy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!

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