Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Fellow Quilters!  It certainly is time for me to post my status here.  I have really got the quilting mojo back!  I've been finishing up a few projects, and cutting a few others, to get a good start to a new quilting year. 

I know I committed to not buying any fabric or projects for the year, but I have to admit I caved!  I decided to join some of you in the mystery quilt based on the Downton Abbey, PBS show.  No worries!  I'm back on track!  I've cleaned out the quilt closet, drawers of patterns, kits, and other quilty things, and I'm ready to begin a New Year finishing some of these projects I have been sorting through.  I definitely have enough to keep me going this year and probably the next!! LOL :-)

Here's a couple of pics of the latest finished projects.  The blue and purple you've seen in progress, but as of mid December it is done!  Yeah!  The other is the BOM, Susan's Folly that I've been showing to you as the blocks have been made.  Finished just the other day.  I guess that counts for a 2014 finished project, not 2013.  I like the finished quilt, though again, there was a lot piecing, even in the border!  I'm off to do some more cutting.

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!