Thursday, March 20, 2014

What can I say?

OMG!  It has been so long since I've posted!  What can I say?  I'm so sorry.  I really want to thank  those of you who are still checking in, and waiting for me to get on it.  I've been doing some quilting, some traveling, and some just I don't know what!  LOL :-)

I'm preparing for an upcoming trip with a group of quilty friends!  We will all head up to Tahoe for a five day retreat. I'm really excited!  Nothing but quilting and friends.  What more could we ask for?  I'll have plenty to show and tell you after, and maybe during that trip!

 Some of you may remember that I gave my Bouillabaisse quilt to a friend who was very ill with cancer.  I missed that quilt, and though I've never made a quilt twice......I'm making another one for myself!  I just love playing with the batiks and putting colors together.  Has to be one of my favorite parts of quilting! The dark strips on the left will be the dark that borders some of the blocks. You can see how it all goes together in the pattern photo. It will be just one of several UFO's I take on our retreat.

Happy Quilting Everyone, Everywhere!