Friday, May 16, 2014

Boy That Was a Long Retreat

I know that this is what you must be thinking.  Where did she go?  What a long retreat!  So here's my story.  I did go to Tahoe to the most wonderful retreat.  We stayed at Zephyr Point, right on the beautiful Lake!  Sunrise and sunsets were awesome!  Had a fantastic time with old friends and made a couple new friends.  I did spend a good deal of time sewing, chatting, visiting a quilt store, you know the usual retreat stuff!

Then it happened, I decided to skip behind a friend, on our way to dinner on the last night, (so thankful it wasn't the first night) when shoe caught on the carpet, and down I went.  Now for the part that tells you where I've been.  I broke my right arm, yes I'm right handed!  Broke it in two places.  The humerous,  and the shoulder ball sitting in it's sweet little socket.  Completely separated the arm from shoulder socket.  Never felt such pain in my life, though I have broken a few other bones!!!   Let's not go there!!  Here I am five weeks later.  No surgery and breaks are healing.  I'm in Physical Therapy and just beginning to do a little sewing.  Full recovery is five months out, or so they tell me.  Ugh!!

I decided I needed to show you a couple of the projects I did work on, including the Bouillabaise.  It took most of the time, but I really did get a lot done!  Can't wait to go back again next year!  Sew..keep checking back and I'll try to keep you up on what I'm able to work on at this point.

Also, just a note.  Start looking for Rosemary Youngs new book.  It is out! " The Quilt Block Bible".  As Rosemary describes it, "It is a collection of 202 classic block patterns with historical anecdotes".  Sounds like something we could all use in our libraries.

Happy Quilting to Everyone, Everywhere!